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Working From Home – 5 Habits to Avoid

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Working from home, whether as a telecommuting employee of a company or as the owner or partner of your own business, certainly has its benefits: from the time saved in not commuting to the office to the lack of interruptions from chatty colleges in neighboring cubicles. It's easy, however, to fall into some bad habits that may come back to haunt you. Here are five to avoid:

* Not getting dressed. You may find yourself still in your pajamas at noon, or your preferred wardrobe may be better suited to a professional dogwalker. Either way, being a little too comfortable may actually decrease your job satisfaction.

* Letting housework distract you. While you can easily rationalize doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen as being productive, you are not getting any closer to your work goals. Do not allow yourself to procrastinate on projects that you've committed to complete – focus on the tasks that pay your bills.

* Not leaving the house. Feeling isolated is a common affliction of the home-worker. Make it a point to schedule a lunch or coffee with a colleague or client somewhere that is not home at least once a week if possible.

* Blurring work and home divisions. It's easy to arrive at the office "late" when there's nobody to witness it. It's also easy to work late more often than necessary since the office is right there. Set your hours and then stick to them: you'll find that you are more productive when you are working and you will enjoy your free time more.

* Not maintaining a professional network. Working from home may limit the number of people you come into contact with. Whether you join a networking group that holds physical meetings or an online forum that meets correctly, it's a valuable addition to your workweek.

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