Апр 11, 2019
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Hypnotherapy Helps You Find What You Look for Within

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Deep down within the paradoxical richness of empty space … If you are willing to go there, tell me what you will have found.

Our daily life is like surface of a lake, a river, a sea (depending on your container). There are always activities, good or bad. Things happen, expected or unexexpected. We often have challenges in our life. Then we spend a lot of time thinking about it, analyzing it, and trying to come up with solutions. We do things to "make it work"; meet people; strive for success; try things out to see which one works; draw conclusions based on our observations and social conditionings; call it chaos when we can not figure out how …

Of course, some of the effort can be helpful temporarily, but often we get to a point where we realize that we are just spinning our wheels.

This observation can be a wonderful opportunity to take some time to put the thinking away, go to a defect place within and simply allow the answers to emerge .

Einstein said, "We can not solve a problem at the same level that created it."

There might be a chance that all these surface events, activities, experiences that we call life are only the effect end of life stories. They are the dramas we put on, the shows of life. They do not define truth, or cause, or who we really are. These life situations or activities are in our conscious awareness, like the waves of the ocean – there's constant chatter happening. And unfortunately, many of us are completely identified with this limited aspect of ourselves.

We often lose sight of the fact that we can go within to a more spacious zone in our deep mind where we can find true peace and safety. It's not that we're looking for an escape. Rather we want to perfect and use the skill of traveling inward to make contact with our resources, intuition, and intelligence.

We are seeking to discover new and better ways to respond to all demands in our lives and resolve challenges skillfully and in the highest, most effective manner possible.

By traveling to the depths of the ocean within yourself, you can experience a greater sense of relaxation, bounty, resourcefulness and beauty inside.

Who we really are is beyond all of these dramas, stories, shows. We are the whole river not just the surface. Deep down in the river it is much calmer, much more still. The ripples of surface do not afflict it at its depth.

Like many others, I've lived a life with a lot of searchings – The meaning of love, the wonders of what seem to work what do not, the puzzle of my own existence. I read. I travel. I converse. I long for the answers and finally I was pointed to go deep down within myself.

The answer is not out of this physical rippling surface of life. It is beyond. All the "haves" were born out of "have-nots". "There was something formless and perfect, before the universe was born."

How do we reach the formless and feel it and know it? Know that we are created but also we are the creators ourselves?

That's exactly what we are doing in Hypnotherapy, to connect to and maintain connection to your intuitive, creative mind through the power of hypnosis and self-hypnosis – One of the most valuable tools.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are ways through which you're able to see beyond this limited identification with your smallness. People's wounds can be healed, not by taking drugs to cover the symptoms, but to know better of the cause.

Source by Kemila Zsange

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