Мар 26, 2019
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How to Get a Woman to Be Obedient – Make Her Do Anything You Say With "3-D" Seduction Secrets

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Not a lot of guys in today’s day and age are aware that certain seduction secrets exist, which work wonders on girls and can persuade them to anything guys ask them to. With these seduction secrets from the great underground, experts of seduction have become very effective in convincing girls to comply with their every request. Keep reading to find out what these secrets are and reach outstanding results in an instant.

“3-D Seduction” Secrets To Get Girls To Do Anything You Want Them To

Secret Number One – “Dominate”. It is a well-known fact that most girls will instantly comply with guys who have dominant and strong personalities. The main mistake that most guys do in the world of seduction is never projecting a dominant first impression, making them end up as a follower instead of a leader in their relationships with girls.

To become the leader in a relationship, you therefore need to establish a ‘dominant frame’ early on – the minute you approach a girl, in fact. At first, she might want to resist your dominance, but once you have set this frame from the beginning, she will have no chance but be obedient. Tell her to follow “your way, or the highway.” This happens to be very essential, so remember it!

Secret Number Two – “Differentiate”. Understand the basic fact that, to win a girl over, there is no need to be better compared to other guys; you simply have to be different! You need to show this in ways that other men don’t when you try to pursue a girl.

You need to show how special you are and make her feel grateful that you decided to shower her with attention and not somebody else. Remember that in order to win in the game of dating and seduction, you do not have to be BETTER than the other guys – just DIFFERENT!

Secret Number Three – “Play Dirty”. If the first secrets have failed so far, pay close attention. It is possible to hypnotize girls into becoming compliant to your biddings through a tactic known as ‘fractionation’. Taken from the psychology and hypnosis fields, this tactic would involve sending a girl on a rollercoaster of emotions in just 14 minutes, making her anchor her happy and pleasurable states to you.

Fractionation is a two-step formula which makes a woman feel emotionally connected with you quickly (using state-of-the-art mind control techniques). This tactic is dangerous, though, since it can get a girl to fall for you immensely, but could also turn her into a potential stalker; so be careful when you use this technique, and only use it if it does not violate your own moral code and principles.

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